Bobby McFerrin: Vocals

Gil Goldstein: Music Director, Arranger, Piano, Electric Piano, Accordion

David Mansfield: Violin, Mandolin, National Resonator Guitar, Lap Steel

Armand Hirsch: Acoustic and Electric Guitar Jeff Carney: Acoustic Bass

Louis Cato: Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals

Madison McFerrin: Vocals



Swing Low

Fix Me Jesus

Woe (words & music by Bobby McFerrin)

Whole World Gracious (words & music by Bobby McFerrin)

25:15 (words & music by Bobby McFerrin)

Wade Glory


Recorded on 19th July 2014 at Saanen Church


Bobby McFerrin’s SpiritYouAll

Bobby McFerrin’s carreer is marked by collaborations with musicians of all kinds, amongst them Jeanne Lee, Manhattan Transfer, Quincy Jones and Al Jarreau. Yet he is never stuck in one genre. Collaborations with classical musicians come as natural to him as co-operations with alternative musicians like Laurie Anderson. Bobby McFerrin works in an altogether different sphere. One that he created thanks to his virtuosity and exceptional musical skill.

The old in collaboration with the new

With his album SpiritYouAll Bobby McFerrin surprises us yet again, as he puts the focus on his home. SpiritYouAll is comprised of well-known and well-loved songs like «He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands» and «Every Time I Feel The Spirit», as well as original that stand for Bobby’s daily search for grace, wisdom and freedom. This new material reaches from festive squaredance, (Rest), polemical hymn (Woe) to the down-and-dirty Blues- Setting of «Psalm 25:15». This project combines Bobby’s influences from folk, rock and blues, without neglecting his improvisational ways and his untiring research of the human voice. He seamlessly moves between text and wordless melodies, tossing lyrics to and from his band and animates the audience to sing along.

The quest for a musical universe

SpiritYouAll is another step in Bobby McFerrin’s lifelong search of the connection of all musical influences into a whole new universe. Just as in many great American tales, all that one seeks can be found close to home. The project honours the memory of Bobby McFerrin’s father, the great opera baritone Bobby McFerrin senior, who was the first African American singer signing a contract with the Metropolitan Opera Company. He also was a renowned interpreter of American spirituals. The spirituals tell of liberation, bravery, and of the human condition, of the pioneer spirit, the quest for strength in times of hardship and the journey towards a better place. Bobby McFerrin’s versions strive towards the unknown.

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