The whole show

Children’s and family concert 2019

Carnival of the animals

Wednesday, 4.9.2019, 5:30 pm, Gstaad Festival Tent


Children from the region
Sarah Luisa Iseli, storyteller
Margrith Gimmel-Dauwalder, staging
Roumen Kroumov, music director and piano
Ensemble of Gstaad Festival Orchestra

„Listen everyone! We are going to have a masked ball!”, claims the oldest chimpanzee. „I can sing.”, offers the donkey. And the animals already start to dance the carnaval their way… Some jump around, others shake their wings, some even flap their fins! Children from Saanenland act in a blacklight theater to Camille Saint-Saëns’s famous music and a text by Jörg Schneider.

The entire project, as well as the film, was made by children and teenagers.

The Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy addresses also children and teenagers with a plethora of enlivening, one of a kind experiences for our young audiences. We are offering, beside the traditional family concerts, a wide range of musical workshops, visits of inspiring rehearsals, as well as accompanied visits of concerts. Unique moments of attentive listening, meeting and greeting exceptional musicians and playful sound experimentations. The more one knows about music, the more magical it is! We aim at transporting all of our younger participants into the enchanting world of classical music, opening the door to heart-swelling, soul-stirring moments, ensuring lively conversations on the trip home and beyond.

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