Gstaad Digital Conducting Academy

Insights into the work of and with conductors of the Gstaad Conducting Academy

The Gstaad Digital Conducting Academy is the virtual venue to present musical and pedagogical insights into the world of the Gstaad Conducting Academy to an international audience.

Accompanying the recorded and broadcast rehearsals, we provide direct insights into the pedagogical work in video clips with exciting conversations, reflections and analyses by and with Professor Johannes Schlaefli as well as with the participants of the Gstaad Conducting Academy and with the musicians of the Gstaad Festival Orchestra.

Comments on “Interview with professor Jaap van Zweden

I am a singer and teach singers. I also do some conducting.I studied choral conducting and score analysis with Margaret Hillis of the Chicago Symphony who studied with Fritz Reiner. She would always tell stories about Fulbright candidates in conducting getting their few minutes with the Chicago Symphony as part of the audition process. I tell students much the same as in this interview– It is important to be on your feet. I tell singers–be on your feet doing good music as much as you can. You learn and grow by “doing!” I also tell them to hear as much live music as possible — the good, the bad, the ugly. That’s how you learn to tell the difference. I’ve been in Gstaad many times and watched the young conductors at work. It brings great joy to see this kind of talent thriving. Thank you to the Gstaad Conducting Academy for creating the wonderful opportunity!

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